How to Get the Haircut you Want


Practically all of us had to contemplate the idea of having bangs or not. And trust me, it gets you frustrated for a while. So when you finally decide you want them, here’s some advice to do it right!

Many will testify that bangs in your hairstyle can make you steal the spotlight. They are various types and you can wear it to compliment your face or even make a statement. On the downside, bangs need maintenance and attention by trimming it with hair cut deals in Brisbane every few weeks to make it look fresh. Most women are careless enough to cut on their own, and sadly end up with regrets.

Ahia Brisbane celebrity hair stylist and owner of Ahia Salon Owner gave some advice from the tip of his professional hair shears on how to cut them on your own.

Snip with the Right Barbering Scissors!


Your normal scissors at home won’t do the trick because they’re likely to be too thick or too big to cut bangs. The wrong type might lead you to make a mistake. Buying the type of scissors made just for haircut Brisbane will aid you to cut precisely.

Cut hair when dry

When cutting bangs, it is wise to cut it when thoroughly dry for the reason that wet hair looks longer. You might cut too much hair off when your hair is wet.

Avoid Pulling

Another thing that makes the hair look deceptively longer is by pulling. So don’t pull when you cut the bangs because when you release them it would look shorter than what you desired.

Use Cutting Technique

A good way is to take sharp barbering scissors and slowly snip in little pieces until you cut through. This is better than cutting all the way since it’s hard to cut a straight line most of the time.

img-4Don’t Rush

In between cuts, pause and judge your progress. Should I cut more? Is it straight? Take your time to avoid cutting too short.

If you’re looking for just the right pair of scissors, you can check out professional hair shears from ScissorBoy. They’re made of Japanese steel, are very sharp and also ergonomic. No wonder, so many stylists recommend Scissorboy shears.

This hairstyle is still around with many new features. It suits all faces and can be had for any length of hair – whether short, long and medium. It is your preference if you would like to adopt a refined approach or a bohemian one. It is the best hairstyle for you if you have thick hair. You can go for many or few layers according to the length of your hair and of course your choice.

Haircut Brisbane primarily meant for people with thick hair, but if you are the one with thin hair then you need not be disheartened. You can add loads of volume to your otherwise thin hair in this style. All you need is one basic round brush and a blow dryer. Simply blow dry your hair while rolling them on round brush for few minutes to add the desired amount of volume. If you don’t even have a brush then blowing the hair upside down will do the trick.